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Hey all, so - I thought it would be easier to put all film news about The Complications here at blogspot. If you're checking this out for the first time, you can look at previous posts at The Complications used to be the moniker used by Tze and Sheila when they were a directing team. Since 2004, Tze has been using The Complications as his production company name. This blog will mainly be used for news and screening dates.

I know we haven't updated our website in over a year. We are gearing up for an update to include the newest projects by The Complications.

It's been so long since our last post, I don't even know where to start.

Sheila has been living in LA for the past year, working at Rocket Science films and also freelance. She's writing a pilot right now and she recently returned to New York to executive produce Cold Feet, a 35mm short written and directed by Tze and produced by Collective Act.

Tze spent most of this year writing. He polished his script Superpink, and wrote three features. Superpink got finalist in the screenwriting competition. Is Columbia Burning? got quarter-finalist in Slamdance and semi-finalist in the contest. The Bedford Boys, co-written with Paul Bercovitch, is currently being sent around to agents. Tze is also co-writing a feature script with Mr. Michael Lawrence Weiss. That script has made it to rough draft and will be undergoing revisions through July.

Tze has also been spending time writing his mother's memoir, tentatively titled Our Dark Beginnings. The book is about Ms. Goh's childhood growing up as an orphan in a Singapore brothel. His family is going to Singapore in September to do further research.

World War II in Color (now called Back to the Front) was scored by Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum and recently got into the Long Island International Film Festival. Document will be screening at the Anthology Film Archives in New York in early August as part of their NewFilmmakers program. You can view trailers for both these films at

In December of last year, Tze shot a short film in Boston. Windowbreaker is about a string of burglaries in a suburb of Boston. It stars Raymond Zhang, Fiona Chen, Ai-Cheng Goh, Bryan Wilson, Trung Tang, Emily Lodish, and Jeff Bellin.

Windowbreaker is currently being sent out to festivals, so keep your eyes peeled. So far we've only heard back from The Long Island International Film Festival, where it will be screening July 17th. There is also an article about the film in the June 16th issue of The Sampan, Boston's bi-lingual newspaper. You can check the article out at

In April, Tze directed his most ambitious project to date, Cold Feet, Wet Dreams, and the Kitchen Sink. The project was produced by Joshua Schwartz and Collective Act Productions. Sheila executive produced, and acted as assistant director on set. Cold Feet was shot on 35mm with a budget of 15k, and is currently being edited by Rob Ryang of PS260 (a high profile post-house). Rob Ryang is also the mastermind behind that fake Shining trailer that's been floating around the internet for the past few months. Cold Feet stars Joe Pistone (of Ed Burns' The Groomsman), Emily Lodish, and Bryan Wilson.


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